Thailand Server


Date: 10/04/2014

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NA Server


Date: 10/04/2014

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 Our product is made according to the game rules, 

which does not break the balance of the game.

 Our objective is helping players reduce repetitive 

works, give more fun to the game, welcome to use!


You can test at daily free trial time:

Thai server: 0:00-2:00,  12:00-14:00 (UTC+7)

 Thailand local time.

NA server0:00-2:00,  12:00-14:00 (UTC-8)

You need to register an account first.

We are happy to announce that Ro2bot is released.


  Auto hit mobs;

  Auto use skills;

  Auto eat and drink;

  Priest auto heal;
  ▪ Auto use "land of Recovery";
  Auto loot, auto walk;

  Auto buy, sale and repair;

  Auto collection;

Please if you have any suggestion/ideas, you are always welcome share with us on our forum. We will discuss in the community and try to make it.